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November / December, 2013


Buy 6 INTRACEUTICALS OXYGEN INFUSION FACIAL and get skincare products FREE!!!!


Introducing E! Spa Treatment
Guest Loyalty Card Program

Receive every 6th E! Spa
Signature Facial for Free!

Now at the E! Spa, my spa guests will be given spa treatment Loyalty Cards. Enjoy 5 paid treatments and receive a 6th treatment free. Once you have recorded 5 full treatments, you will be entitled to receive your E! Spa Signature Facial free. Plus the added bonus that ALL treatments apply to the 5 paid treatments. So yes, you can get 5 waxes and then get the 6th one free. Or mix it all up and create your own blissful spa time over and over again!

Call 347.322.7635 to reserve
your favorite spa treatments.


Please note the Spa Treatment
Loyalty Program conditions:

• Card must be presented at time of payment for each spa treatment.
• Completed card, showing dates of 5 prior paid treatments, must be submitted at time of payment to receive complimentary treatment.
• Card is non-transferrable.
• Card expires one year from date of first paid treatment.
• One visit is counted as a one treatment.

Start Relaxing at the E! Spa

Call 347.322.7635 to reserve
your favorite spa treatments.